Lannen Construction, Inc.

Those endless "honey do" lists that never seem to get completed. Coordinating a team of specialized workmen can consume your precious free time, and entrusting your home to an unknown handyman with generalized skills for your specialized needs can cost a fortune and lead to substandard work.

Lannen Construction, Inc. is proud to introduce the construction concierge. In order to better serve our VIP clientele, we offer the private services of a maintenance specialist to oversee your project from concept to completion. This service ensures the most cost-effective, timely, and quality care to keep your home looking new. Backed by our "new construction" expertise, professional painters will touch up walls, seal doors, and decks; finish carpenters will hang doors, install artwork or build shelves; expert electrician's will install security lighting and trouble shoot electrical issues. There are no house call fees. You only pay for actual hours worked at a rate commensurate with the skills required for each job.

Lannen Construction provides handpicked, quality, craftsmen to maintain your home and estate. Call for a single project or to set up a regular maintenance program.

Call our concierge directly at (310) 699-2336 or fax your list to (323) 272-3385.

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Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts • Clean and test yard drains • Exterior and interior paint touch-up and re-painting • Drywall patching • Stucco patching • Replace air conditioning and water filters • Inspect and clean dryer vents • Repair leaky faucets and clean faucet aerators • Adjust doors and hardware • Seal doors and drafty windows